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2 Oct 2010


 In the last decade and maybe more, skimboarding has "spread a lot" and I am a huge fan of it, but sadly I still believe it is underrated. Many people have a very wrong impression about skimboarding. In many places it isn't very well-known and some people think of it as a kids' sport. But it's much more than that. For those of you who don't know this sport, skimboarding was created in Laguna Beach, California. Skimboarders use a skimboard (similar to a smaller surfboard but without fins) to reach waves from the shore. They start on the sand and run onto the sea where they drop the skimboard and slide towards the breaking waves. Then they "surf" them back to shore. They can also perform barrels or tubes and wrap-barrels, that´s when they wrap the wave and perform a barrel.
There are more or less two types of skimboarding: the one I just referred to (some say it is the original one) and flatland. Flatland, as you probably guessed , is practised on flat beaches, and you can perform several tricks, in a similar manner as you do in the other type of skimboarding: ollies, shuvits, 360's, big spins and more.
Wave riding skim is considered to be more advanced than sand/flatland skim because of its difficulty. Usually flatland skim is learnt first and then you move on to wave riding. 
The best skimboard brands are Exile, Victoria Skimboards, Zap, Slotstick ...
I hope this leads some people into this amazing sport, as well as have "more respect" for it.


P.S.: If you wish to know more about skimboarding, check my hubpage about it (sidebar) or click here.

To watch videos about skimboarding, click here

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